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dANN Version 2.1 Released

28 Nov 2014 . category: projects . Comments

We released dANN version 2.1 today, shortly after release of version 2.0.

dANN is an Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Genetics library targeted at employing conventional algorithms as well as acting as a platform for research & development of novel algorithms. As new algorithms are developed and proven to be effective they will be integrated into the core library. It is currently written in Java and is being actively developed by a small team.

Our intentions are two fold. First, to provide a powerful interface for programs to include conventional machine learning technology into their code. Second, To act as a testing ground for research and development of new AI concepts. We provide new AI technology we have developed, and the latest algorithms already on the market. In the spirit of modular programming the library also provides access to the primitive components giving you greater control over implementing your own unique algorithms. You can either let our library do all the work, or you can override any step along the way.

We also began work on dANN 3.x which will be a complete rewrite of dANN 2.x.

For more information check out the main dANN site.